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Travel Review: Backpacking Southern California, San Diego County

I walked across the American southwest and now my thumb was taking me to San Diego. This is a comedic representation of what a travel review for this would look like. Real reviews on travels coming soon.

Food Reviews: Panera (#1) & the Ten Vegetable Soup

As soon as my feet touched the property I saw tables remaining with dishes and staff almost at a standstill. I had similar experiences at Panera, a chain that seemed to pull in employees with little zeal. Brushing it aside, I looked forward to a different experience on the West

The Stars over the Hudson Valley

If you’ve known me for a few years, especially in person, you may be familiar with a monthly habit that I have. And no, I don’t mean my time of the month habits… I mean the habit that I have had since 2015, on the first of every month. Monthly

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