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I’m Crying Because They Knew What Was Coming 50 Years Ago and Couldn’t, Or Didn’t, Stop It Then

A couple of songs came up, and now I can’t stop crying. This has been the longest war. It’s been a culture war from the start, and we, the people, the working class, have been losing.

No States, No Bombs. Rojava, and the World, Needs Peace.

Solidarity with civilian fighters in Northern Syria. Freedom and peace to Rojava. Freedom and peace for the world.

Memorial Day: Education is the Greatest Weapon, Not Our Lives

Why spend money and lives on wars inspired by others’ gains? Don’t! Spend it on free public colleges! There’s a lot of good reasons why you should, here’s just a few:

Borderline Humanitarian Crisis

Open Borders, my new photo gallery on 500px, during the month of April is donating 100% to humanitarian causes. Learn more.

My History with Dr. King and 7 Other Facts

He’s the only person worth a short reflection and profile. Today is his birthday. Here’s how I knew him and some facts.

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