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Every Day is Labor Day

“Nothing binds you except your thoughts; nothing limits you except your fear; and nothing controls you except your beliefs.” — Marianne Williamson The big 1-2-5. That’s right, 125 years ago, 1894, Labor Day was marked on mental calendars of the working class for the first time. Class consciousness has been

A List of Progressive Candidates Running In 2020

Originally posted on BusyGhost's Blog:
All the people listed here take NO Corporate PAC money, are running for either the House of Reps. or the U.S. Senate, and are running as Democrats. This list will be updated with more candidates in the future. Arizona Eva Putzova Former Flagstaff city…

Which Democratic candidates are staying on top of trans news? Here’s a slideshow answer:

Transgender issues such as the right to body autonomy aren’t solely a trans matter. Especially as the United States is inflamed regarding recent abortion bans, it’s a subtopic on the issue of body autonomy. Similarly, we can talk about discrimination against many people barring them from housing, education, healthcare, and

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