Tidal Transition

The political revolution is on. Many people, especially those that fell in love with Bernie Sanders and Jill Stein, are not alone. Believe it or not, Donald Trump was more of a protest vote than voting for Evan McMullin, and here’s why, bigly:

Early on, the challenge was real. Working-class Americans, riding the poverty line and relocating time and time again to stay afloat made the choice clear. They weren’t having any of the Democrats -with the except of Bernie- because they were only going to add to the budget and stack on the taxes.

The GOP, Republicans, and Libertarians (i.e. Gov. Gary Johnson), are known well for not only stripping the budget down bare, including social services and Planned Parenthood unfortunately, but are most well known for lowering taxes across the board. For example, I don’t live in a Democrats’ big city, I no longer live in a college town that can successfully run Greens, but I live in my small hometown in New York, with an economy that is finally looking to come back from the hit it took in the 80s. The biggest reason for that, is the Republicans that continually run on a platform of lowering property taxes, in a town with declining property values due to absentee landlords and subsidy programs that are abused.

Locally, neoliberal leaning policies such as NAFTA have taken a huge hit out on communities the size of mine, in areas similar to mine, where there’s space to work with, but good-paying jobs are at least a half hour away, and it’s unlikely that more will bloom here. Moderate Democrats, perhaps those that could be called Berniecrats, are who we need to uplift at the Federal level now, and at the state level, with Greens and other third parties, as we transition into a Trump presidency propelled by the tossing-out of lobby interests and tax-raisers from Wall Street- looking at you Chuck Schumer. This change isn’t really anything new, but with the growth of social media and citizen journalism, a compelling push towards a direct democratic system is evident.

Now if only we can make this actually about  economics, and not about hate… Trust me, we’re working on it, Dems, Reps, Greens, and everyone that hates politics, we all care about each other. We really need to talk, because quite frankly, it always comes down to sociolinguistics, but we’ll talk about everything else and economics and democracy before that. At least I think so.

Hate me, for rationalizing Trump / how we got Trump? Let’s talk about it.
Hate me for being an openly transgender woman? Let’s talk about it.
Hate me for being a journalist, philosopher, poet, activist, artist? Fuck you, let’s talk about it. 😉

Revenge of the Pith: Back to Blogging this Day of Action

I’m excited to return to blogging, after a few months’ hiatus, at a time when many I follow are focused on national politics and the recent election of President-elect Donald Trump. Locally, the election meant a lot more to me, seeing more tangible effects, and a write-in campaign on the part of myself, Todd Kowinsky in my ward as well, and Maria Mann in the Second Ward, all losing to the two candidates that ran more or less together on the Republican line. Politics aside, I spent the good portion of that time writing and compiling a poetry series and a forthcoming poetry chapbooks, to be discussed in detail in another article.

Here, I want to say thank you to all those coming to this blog from BriezyMelodie. That site will stay up until of it’s work is organized into a page off of this site (perhaps). Organizing all the places that I keep and create content is an arduous task that I haven’t encountered to this level, and look forward to, in addition to creating new content and doing reporting.

Today is the National Day of Action in Solidarity with Standing Rock, as well as Staples’ American Recycling Day.  To further assist those Water Protectors who #StandWithStandingRock, here’s info:

Find a local action to support the International Day of Action on November 15th

To find the nearest event, visit the #NoDAPL International Day of Action homepage


Donate to support the people resisting the Dakota Access Pipeline

Chip in to support the Standing Rock Sioux


Donate items from the Sacred Stone Camp Supply List


Contribute to the Sacred Stone Camp Legal Defense Fund


Support the Sacred Stone Camp


Call the decision-makers to tell them to stop this pipeline:

Army Corps of Engineers

Demand that they reverse the permit to build the pipeline: +1 202 761 5903

Energy Transfer Partners (the company building the pipeline)

Lee Hanse, Executive Vice President: +1 210 403 6455, Lee.Hanse@energytransfer.com

Glenn Emery, Vice President: +1 210 403 6762, Glenn.Emery@energytransfer.com

Michael (Cliff) Waters, Lead Analyst: +1 713 989 2404, Michael.Waters@energytransfer.com

North Dakota governor Jack Dalrymple

Demand that he stop the use of state violence against peaceful protestors:  +1 701 328 2200.

The White House

Tell President Obama to rescind the Army Corps of Engineers’ Permit for the Dakota Access Pipeline: +1 202 456 1111, +1 202 456 1414.

If you are a customer of the banks investing in the project, you can call their customer service or press contact lines and demand that they drop funding for the pipeline.

Bank DNB

Customer service: +47 915 04 800

Press: +47 400 16 744, Even.Westerveld@dnb.no

Deutsche Bank

Customer service: +1 212 250 2500

Press: +1 212 250 7171, press-media-relations.americas@db.com

Renee Calabro, Head of Press Office: +1 212 250 5525 renee.calabro@db.com


Customer service: +1 888 248 4226

Press: +1 212 793 0710


Customer service: +1 800 975 4722

Press: +44 20 7991 8096, pressoffice@hsbc.com


Customer service: +1 877 886 5050

Press office: +31 20 576 5000

Raymond Vermeulen, Head of Media Relations: +31 20 576 63 69 raymond.vermeulen@ing.com

Royal Bank of Canada

Customer service: +1 800 769 2553

Press contacts:

(Atlantic Canada) Lori Smith; Office: +1 902 421 8121 Email: lori.smith@rbc.com

(Quebec) Denis Dube; Office: +1 514 874 6556 Email: denis.dube@rbc.com

(Toronto) Mark Hamill; Office: +1 416 974 3900 Email: mark.hamill@rbc.com

(Ontario South West) Saira Husain; Office: +1 905 639 5404 Email: saira.husain@rbc.com

(Ontario North and East) Anika Reza; Office: +1 613 291 3520 Email: anika.reza@rbc.com

(Saskatchewan, Manitoba and Northwestern Ontario) Robb Ritch Office: +1 204 988 3516 Email: robb.ritchie@rbc.com

(Alberta, NWT, Yukon and Nunavut) Pamela Brown; Office: +1 403 292 3372 Email: pamela.brown@rbc.com

(British Columbia) Ian Colvin; Office: +1 604 665 4031 Email: ian.colvin@rbc.com


Customer service: +1 888 751 9000

Press contact: Judith.Schmidt@td.com

TD Securities

Customer Service: +1 866 222 3456

TD Corporate and Public Affairs, Alison Ford: +1 416 982 5401

TD Investor Relations: +1 416 308 9030

Credit Suisse

Customer service: +11 41 848 880 844

Press contact: Tel. +41 844 33 88 44

Email: media.relations@credit-suisse.com

(USA) Karina Byrne: +1 212 538 83 61

(EMEA/UK) Christiana Marran (Head Communications EMEA/UK): +44 207 888 89 11

(Switzerland) Christoph Meier (Head Media Relations): +41 44 334 58 88


Customer service: +1 800 354 9103

Press contact: +1 212 882 5857

Royal Bank of Scotland

Customer service: +11 44 118 373 2181

Press contact:  +44131 523 4205

Chris Turner, Director of Media Relations: +44 20 7672 4515

Societe Generale

Customer relations:  +33 1 42 14 31 69

Press contact: +33 1 42 13 23 49

Florence Schwob, Media Relations Manager: florence.schwob@socgen.com

Credit Agricole

Customer service: service.client@ca-paris.fr, +33 1 44 73 26 74

LCL Banque et Assurance: + 33 1 42 95 70 00


Customer Service: +1 800 266 7277

Christina Anderson, Press contact: +1 205 524 5214 christina.anderson@bbva.com

Al Ortiz, Press contact: +1 281 433 5640 al.ortiz@bbva.com

BNP Paribas

Customer Service:  +33 157 082 200 (worldwide)            

Press:  pressoffice.paris@bnpparibas.com,

Julia Boyce, Head of Media Relations: julia.boyce@bnpparibas.com


Customer Service: +1 800 472 6842

Rick Roth, Media Relations: +1 416 933 1795, rick.roth@scotiabank.com

Kate Simandl, Media Relations: +1 416 866 6806, kate.simandl@scotiabank.com


Customer Service: +1 800 786 8787

Sue Mallino, Chief Communications Officer: +1 404 813 0463, sue.mallino@suntrust.com

Bank of Tokyo Mitsubishi UFJ

Customer Service: +1 800 2121 1034 (international toll free, where available), +81 3 3512 5105, customercare@my.mufg.jp

Press for MUFJ (financial group parent company):

Lauren Sambrotto: +1 212 782 4909, lsambrotto@us.mufg.jp

Daniel Weidman: +1 213 236 4050 dweidman@us.mufg.jp

Mizuho Bank

Customer Service: +120 324 638, contact.us@uk.mizuho-sc.com

Patrick Phalon, VP Media Relations:  212 282 3867

ABN Amro Capital

Customer Service: +31 10 241 1720

Hans van Zon, Head of Public Relations: +31 20 383 4483, hans.van.zon@nl.abnamro.com

Brigitte Seegers, Senior International Press Officer: +31 20 628 3365, brigitte.seegers@nl.abnamro.com

Sign petitions asking President Obama to stop the Dakota Access Pipeline:

Via SumOfUs


Via Credo Action


Via Whitehouse.gov



Thank you for reading friends,
Brienna Parsons