New Year, 2017: Health and Fitness Goals

UPDATED , 01/28/2017, Happy Chinese Lunar New Year celebration!

Health and Fitness goals have been a big deal around the New Year , for as long as one can remember in the United States. In the Occidental US, the Gregorian calendar is employed for the job of marking the years. This is not so for calendars such as the Chinese or Tibetan. 

By the aforementioned systems, Happy New Hear! Are we off to a good start with our resolutions? Great! Now we have the chance to start it all fresh, with a new calendar, a lunar new year: the Fire Rooster by the Chinese. 

I’m making a new resolution. I noticed that I’m already doing it. It’s actually two new resolutions. 

The first, is writing more. I’ve got a great story building in my mind and that with blogging, I’m off to a great start. So I’ll keep it up and aim for progress, not perfection, progress. 

The second is drinking more water! It helps super duper much! I’m also doing that quite well, so I’m hoping the small amount of body and health consciousness helps improve habits for me across the board. 

We’ll see more progress in my diet, meditation, and exercise, as the year rolls on. Which year that is, is up to us. Hope that it helps resolve your resolutions and goals to know that you can always start again. 

Update: Stubborn as a Rooster  but as passionate as fire. My goals are locked in,but progress may take longer than a few weeks or a month. Going with the flow in this respect will help ensure lasting change. 

Featured Image by Yacine OULD ROUIS, via Flickr. 


Day 22: Morning Routines in 2017 Resolutions

The goals for 2017 are going well. As expected, and reasonably so, I’ve given them all room to settle. I’d rather see lasting results, than immediate ones. That’s true for me in health and fitness as well as in writing, studying, and recreation. 

The focus for this 22nd day is to discuss an infographic that made me say “huh.” It was a ‘huh…’ and not a ‘huh?’ Here’s the original infographic, and both the gist and my take away:

  1. Wake up and Eat Breakfast!
  2. Meditate
  3. Move Your Body
  4. Daily Goals
  5. Visualize the Day

These five steps seem easy enough. Most often however, I find myself not eating until closer to noon or even later! I’ve also already created a habit of goal setting and visualizing my next day before bed, but we’re going to question those practices of mine here and now, reflecting on this tried and true morning flow. 

A nice slow start to the day. Starting with breakfast and taking time to digest with meditation makes sense, and it’s tough to do these days because we’re all busy busy busy, but we’re going to try to make our goals work for us and not the other way around. I’m most likely not going to pick up this routine too readily, due to knowing how much less likely I am to do it after breakfast. 

Meditation is hugely important. When I’m not meditating, I’m practicing jumping gracefully thought to thought to thought as internal and external stimuli make my mind a hectic place to be throughout the day. Taking a sit, and maybe even digesting some breakfast could be mutually beneficial. 

The Leadership Goal for meditation is to be present for an hour; take what could easily be nap time and turn it into mental peacetime. After such a long sit a good stretch is in order. My goal here is to move from meditation, to yoga, to dance – gracefully of course. 

Following such activity my brain will need to reiterate and find something to do. This is my favorite part: the flowing brain-juices. This is when the daily goal making begins, followed by a visualization of the day ahead. 

That’s my update for us! Now to meet my other goal, which I have yet to tell you about, and pursue vigilantly the work that needs to be done. The work that will be published before September!

New Year, 2017: My New Leadership Goals for Myself

Your 2017 Resolution and Blog Update Post

Leadership isn’t all that people think it is. It’s how you follow as well. My book for this year regarding this topic is this:

The Myth of the Strong Leader: Political Leadership in the Modern Age

This year, I’ll be following a flow, not only politically as locally another election looms on the horizon but in the everyday, almost mundane, things, such as clipping coupons. Saving money, eating healthier, getting more exercise, and actually keeping medical appointments, are all tied to my Umbrella Resolution for this New Year: Leading a happier and more mentally sound life, chock full of personal development and progress. In this article I’ll be discussing some of the tips, tricks, and goals, I have set for myself (and so far have been consistently following).

To keep myself in check with these goals I’ve been doing more than only keeping a journal, I’ve been creating Accomplishment Lists in a notebook and in my office. In addition to this, there’s my To-Do Lists in a notebook that rarely gets opened. This all helps me focus on the tasks at hand and engage in deeper work, without all the stress of feeling like a failure.

Maintaining Healthy Relationships in 2017, Including You

Starting early in my life, I’ve had an issue with many types of relationships, from myself, to parents, to friendships, it lead down a very bad habit. After a few years of awareness and concentration on correcting this, I’ve followed some steps that made me a leader to others. By coming out, and beginning my transition from male-to-female, I began a process of deep self-discovery and healing. Three years ago that included accepting a vegan-transfeminist-lesbian lifestyle, but this year is far from that first step of bodily protection.

Me, Myself, and Idealism: Guidance Over Goals

2017, as 2016 had some great bodily developments for me (breasts, face, hair, and body fat), will more of an out-of-body-experience. The focus now is maintaining my health for my future and current confidence, while being far more cognizant of my self perceived by others. This includes a couple of techniques.

The first, is a diet of abstaining from anything that isn’t vegan before six in the evening. The idea came to me while listening to podcasts about healthy eating and urban gardening. The Vegan Before Six (VB6) diet, is something by the New York Times Food Columnists Mark Bittman, that I’m trying out in tandem with more exercise.

Almost every morning, I’ll wake up, put on some good tunes, and begin my new cardio routine, the second piece to my personal development. I’ll occasionally have an idea what I’m doing, based off of YouTube dance cardio videos, but I’ll combine the dance with yoga and give myself an hour of this practice about 5 days a week. After this, I feel amazingly refreshed because I often combine the yoga-dance with confidence-building posing.

Combining these two features in my physical life with my spiritual life is the Minor Goal I have set for this year. I’m meditating more on my monthly horoscopes from the Chronogram, and on my place in the world during these moments, as well as being sure to separate my moments, by doing what I’m calling the “Mister Rogers“, and changing my clothes and initial emotions going into different situations. This was partially inspired by my friend who gave me guff about staying in my work clothes long after leaving work (thanks btw Joey).

So Close, Yet So Far Away: REACH OUT!

This year isn’t only about me, me, me. We’re going to talk more, comment more, hangout more. From friends to family, The time is there and so are the means, but there’s more to this than being present.

I’m “talking more chances” this year. Not only will we chill and do fun things, but we’re going to get to know each other like I’ve never allowed before, because I’m going to talk a lot more about important things more than ever before . This includes not only using FORD (also FORMessage and FOREducation), but asking the difficult emotional questions on taboo topics such as religion, abortion, politics, and the like, the why’s, and the how’s. I know this might get annoying, but it’ll help make us that much closer when we get into conversations that aren’t easy.

Taking this into a less familiar field, networking is another goal for growth for me this year, because it’s been long over due that I took my career in both hands. I’m a writer, a philosopher, and dreamer, and these things can come together in journalism and public service, but I know that there isn’t anyone who will make these dreams come true with me. It’s something I’ll have to cultivate, comprising also of calling on others for when their expertise is needed as we all move forward.

Looking Ahead to the New Year: First Focus

As the New Year comes into full swing I’m looking at staying focused on a few topics here, as well as YPJIS, as I return to posting consistently and reporting after the holidays. The topics I’ll be focusing most on is mostly local representative democracy, but my interests are far wider than that. So here’s a List of Things to Expect in 2017 as I continue with writing progress:

  • Local and New York State Startups, and Entrepreneurship in the Hudson Valley
  • Art, Criticism, and Creator Interviews
  • Local, State, and National Policy, Political Parties, and Political Actors
  • Economics and Globalism under a Trump Administration
  • Event Reporting and Other Journalistic Activities

Featured Image by Dafne Cholet