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New Year, 2017: Health and Fitness Goals

UPDATED , 01/28/2017, Happy Chinese Lunar New Year celebration! Health and Fitness goals have been a big deal around the New Year , for as long as one can remember in the United States. In the Occidental US, the Gregorian calendar is employed for the job of marking the years.

Day 22: Morning Routines in 2017 Resolutions

The goals for 2017 are going well. As expected, and reasonably so, I’ve given them all room to settle. I’d rather see lasting results, than immediate ones. That’s true for me in health and fitness as well as in writing, studying, and recreation.  The focus for this 22nd day is to discuss

New Year, 2017: My New Leadership Goals for Myself

Your 2017 Resolution and Blog Update Post Leadership isn’t all that people think it is. It’s how you follow as well. My book for this year regarding this topic is this: The Myth of the Strong Leader: Political Leadership in the Modern Age This year, I’ll be following a flow,

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