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New Vegan Chain! Daily Jam!

New vegan brunch location! This place is great for coffee and vegan brunch, breakfast, or lunch. I can’t wait to stop in to the next Daily Jam.

For Jazz: Our Shared Dream

No, not Jazz Jennings. I would, of course, love to meet her. Pero no. Check out these fresh pics and the amicable discussion I had with my new friend Jazz about the future of society and democracy.

From One Border Patrol Agents’ Perspective

Today, I was offered a ride from an off-duty Border Patrol agent. Naturally, I accepted and asked for an interview. Here’s the gist of the conversation; attribution redacted.

Ahead of protest, coalition calls on NY Gov: Stand Up to Trump, Pipelines

From the coalition’s statement: “[President Donald] Trump’s latest executive order attempts to trample states’ legal right to prevent toxic projects like the proposed Williams [Northeast Supply Enhancement] Pipeline from turning protected waters into corporate dumping grounds.”

Yesterday in Turkish democracy:

Yesterday, Turkey held its local elections. The last election was in 2014. This is the skinny on those elections: violent populist nationalism grows under present leadership.

S/O for Democracy 1: Slovakia; Zuzana Čaputová

A late but necessary shoutout to wins for democracy. No one can be equal under an unequal system. For Slovakia, shoutout to Zuzana Caputova!

“Excuse my beauty.”

Contrapoints in this episode brings to your eyes and ears the discourse of transfeminism. Although from the frontline of “radical” feminist attacks, communication becomes abused by bigots. In this way, you can learn more about racism and homophobia from this video essay; WATCH.

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