TheBreez – Dec. 14, 2017

Quote of the Day

“FAKE NEWS, he should be fired.” – President Trump’s Twitter call-to-action for the termination of Washington Post photojournalist Dave Weigel. The crowd size may remain contested!

Net Neutrality: Where Freedom Lies

The Story

Leading up to this week, readers may have seen something somewhere about Net Neutrality. Well that FCC vote was today at 10:30 a.m. EST. This, is where we are now:

The deets once more…

The FCC, chaired by Republican Ajit Pai, will vote today on the repeal of Democrat-created regulations which prohibit Internet Service Providers (ISP’s) from practices such as blocking websites, slowing down connection speeds and charging extra for faster delivery of content. Opponents of net neutrality, ISP lobbyists, have their fingers crossed about the vote,  in the name of their bottom lines.  Internet users, young people especially, have their fingers crossed in the opposite direction on this one.

Portugal’s internet without neutrality…

If you saw that Image on Facebook of Portugal’s internet… this one… meo

It may be “fake news,” but that could be the reality without net neutrality. As the EU may have  net neutrality, MEO, Portugal’s provider, does offer data packages as shown. This might be the direction the US ISP’s go if it proves to be profitable for companies like Comcast.

The polls are closed…

The clock struck midnight at 10:30 this morning for Net Neutrality. With a 3-to-2 vote successfully repealing the regulations, we can now expect some vast changes to internet service in the next year. This year’s Republican tagline reads: slash and burn.


Whether in fact the FCC in this vote, is “helping consumers and promoting competition” has yet to be seen, but one thing looks clear: corporations and Republicans will both seize the day on this one. Even if not in full force after Alabama voted.

Caught in TheBreez

And in local news…

Orange County legislator Thomas Faggione criticized Mayor Kelly Decker over Port Jervis tax hikes. A point of contention that was mentioned was the 0.40 percent of that increase which solely goes to doubling the mayor’s salary to $40,000. Former city mayor, Gary Lopriore also criticized Decker about the proposal back in November.

We can work from home…

A new study reveals that working from home is more beneficial to most employees. Not only are people happier working from home, but more efficient in doing so! One catch however… the escape from home and isolation, is a desirable trait in a workspace.

More than hot dogs and poop emojis…

Snapchat is breaking open the world of augmented reality (AR). Dancing pigeons move over, because with Snap’s  launch of Lens Studio, anyone with a desktop or laptop computer can make their own AR dancing character. The holiday gift that just keeps on giving.




—— Person of the Year ——

The Story

Since President Trump “turned down” Time’s Person of the Year, the rightful cover-space went to those people, mostly women, that came forward this year, for justice.

The Silence Breakers…

Time’s Person of the Year cover goes to women, such as Ashley Judd, who in October of this year was the domino that caused the fallout of brave women, and men, when she came forward about sexual harassment she was victim to in 1997, by Harvey Weinstein. Since then, brave individuals  have come forward about a plethora of people who have acted sexually against others from a position of power. That power has in the past made the use of unwanted sexual advances and obscene remarks commonplace.

Who’s been fingered?

The list is massive!: New York Metropolitan Opera conductor James Levine, NBC News anchor Matt Lauer,  CBS News, PBS and Bloomberg journalist and host Charlie Rose, New York Times White House political journalist and correspondent Glenn Thrush, hip-hop producer Russell Simmons, actor Jeffrey Tambor, Minnesota Senator Al Franken, NBC News Senior Vice President for Booking Matt Zimmerman, “Arrow,” “Supergirl,” etc. executive producer Andrew Kreisberg,  Alabama Republican Senatorial candidate Roy Moore,  comedian Louis C.K.,  actor Steven Seagal, actor Ed Westwick,  Hollywood producer Brett Ratner, actor Dustin Hoffman, actor Jeremy Piven, NPR news chief Michael Oreskes, actor Kevin Spacey, NBC senior political analyst Mark Halperin, former President George H. W. Bush, celebrity photographer Terry Richardson,  literary critic and former editor for The Atlantic and New Republic Leon Wieseltier, Hollywood writer and director James Toback, celebrity chef John Besh, Harvey’s brother Bob Weinstein, director Oliver Stone, Amazon studios chief Roy Price, and actor Ben Affleck, in addition to Harvey Weinstein.

“One phone call and you’re done”

Those who know, those who don’t know, and those who aren’t sure about what they know all become complicit parties in malfeasance, whether of a sexual nature or another. The variations in complicity by casting a vote for a particular tax plan for instance, whether for a candidate federally or locally:

You either don’t vote because you don’t care, but aren’t necessarily voting against a terrible, maybe horribly sexist, bill or action somehow else is doing, or are voting regardless of which one, you’re not really wonderfully convinced about any, but you’re faithful, or you could know exactly what you’re voting for, vote for it and get it.

Sen. Al F-inally!

On the other hand with this issue, Democrats, including our very own Kirsten and Chuck, in the Senate are turning on Franken after a second allegation completed the thunder-clap! of his final days in Congress, and perhaps, politics entirely. But there may still be more promising time in comedy! Or not.  


We’re really glad that the Senate is doing something and victims are getting the strong support they deserve in the spotlight of media and government. The Silence Breakers, like whistleblowers are incredibly important to the ultimate fairness of our system. Our ways of life, and our hopes for the future.

— Caught in TheBreez 

The wrap-up…

Exactly next week (Thurs. Dec. 14), the FCC is set to vote on chairman Ajit Pai’s proposal to remove net neutrality protections. Hollywood hills is burning! And Chelsea Handler may just be right that President Donald Trump is setting the world ablaze.

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Quote of the Day

“This disastrous spill from the first Keystone Pipeline makes clear why Keystone XL should never be built.” — Jared Margolis, senior attorney with the Center for Biological Diversity in response to a leak of 210,000 gallons of oil Thursday morning.

— What a Zimbabwe to Go -—————————————

The Story

Were President Donald Trump to meet with Zimbabwe leaders right now, there would be more than one elephant in the room .

The Elephant in The Room (also a great book)

The first elephant is one that is receiving global outcry. The Trump Administration just reversed a 2015 Fish and Wildlife, Endangered Species Act addition that had banned elephant trophies out of African nations, such as Zimbabwe. The country’s focus however, is not on elephants, as it’s elsewhere.

Where else are Zimbabwe leaders focused?

Well, perhaps on what was being called a coup! After a trip to China, head of the Zimbabwe Defence Forces (ZDF), Gen. Constantino Guveya Chiwenga, isn’t making this look any less like a coup. The details certainly spell it out as such.  

Who did the military oust?

The 93-year-old incumbent President of Zimbabwe (since 1987!), Robert Mugabe, was placed under house arrest in Harare, Wednesday. China’s foreign ministry spokesman, Geng Shuang, claimed Chiwenga’s visit had been part of “a normal military exchange.” Mugabe is currently resisting military pressure to quit from his position and is in continued talks.

Strongman President to Tyrant President?

While the world’s oldest ruling head of state, Mugabe, has been described as a strongman president, the man that may be the next president of Zimbabwe is already being called a tyrant. After Mugabe fired his powerful vice-president, Emmerson Mnangagwa, clearing the way for his wife, Grace, to succeed him as leader of Zimbabwe. Grace had accused 75-year-old Emmerson Mnangagwa, a former chief of intelligence, of being the “root cause of factionalism” in the ruling Zanu-PF party in the country, after which Mnangagwa reportedly fled to South Africa, when Chiwenga demanded the end to the clearing out of the party, which quickly became military intervention, or coup.  


It’s probably not a good time to go collect that ivory trophy you’ve been drooling about, but things aren’t looking good for Zimbabwe as political transition is stalled at the point of discussion between Mugabe and the military. This not only means travel to Zimbabwe shouldn’t be on your holiday itinerary but because of the snowball effect the country has, the southern part of the continent is not expected to see improvement until things settle in Zimbabwe.

— Caught in TheBreez ——————————————————————

Democrats and Republicans can finally agree on something…

Senators from both sides of the aisle came together yesterday, the wake of the recent Texas church shootings, and were able to write a bipartisan gun control bill. The legislation aims to improve pre-screening background check for gun sales. Thanks to the bill, gun stocks are starting to soar.

But wait, there’s Moore…

By now, you’ve likely heard of the avalanche of accusations that have been flying after the initial snowdrop of #MeToo, during the Harvey Weinstein scandal. Now the snowfall thickens, as allegations come out against comedian-turned-Minnesota-Senator, Al Franken. But none of this type of thing is new to us, remember Bill Clinton?

Moore to love….

This one isn’t about the Former Alabama Chief Justice, Roy Moore. Let’s look at some good here. Earlier this week, Gal Gadot made an ultimatum, that Wonder Woman fans were losing their s#%$ over. We can all exhale now; the Justice League star, will be returning to the DC legend role as Brett Ratner will not be. Also, I guess that’s their “Wonder Woman 2” announcement.

Oops, almost Spacey’d out there…

Not only is Kevin Spacey also facing his own sexual misconduct allegations, and won’t be returning to Netflix’s House of Cards, but the actor faces 20 charges of inappropriate behavior!

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The Breez #3


🌤 Happy Windsday! 🌤

Quote of the Day

“The hardworking Mexican.” — An original White Card from Cards Against Humanity. “The party game for horrible people” is buying a piece of the US Border as part of this year’s Holiday Promotion.

— Don’t Be Russian Passed This One ————————

The Story

I’ll take my coffee just like  Donald Trump, Jr.: Black Rifle.

The Russian Breez…

Whether you think the son of President Donald Trump is the “dumbest” or indeed was doing the right thing, we can all agree that the timing for the press release of Trump Jr.’s communications with the transparency organization, Wikileaks, couldn’t be worse. While Don’s lawyer has told the NY Daily News that they aren’t concerned that this may give to the public, the appearance of Russian collusion, Wikileaks, has had that finger pointed at them too, during the 2016 Presidential Election. But it gets worse!

The Four Breezes…

The Trumps, Wikileaks, Papadopoulos and other campaigners, who else could possibly get involved? Well, while Trump Jr. was busy soaking up some media spotlight, Attorney General, Jeff Sessions testified before the House Judiciary Committee in regards to the Russia question.  Sessions, displayed what The New York Times called “unsteady recall” (the prequel to Total Recall?) of the events of, and around,  the Mar. 31, 2016 meeting.

What about the Clinton-Russia Investigation?

After last year’s election, many people have been chanting “Lock Her Up!” The concept called for most by Republicans in Congress, and those that voted for Trump, earlier agreed upon by the AG, was recalled Monday, as a tumultuous action, not to be taken lightly. Sessions backed this lackluster levying of the law Tuesday, as well.


While we’re still not sure if the Trump Administration is tight like a Wedgie with Russia, we do think Washington, and the White House especially, is getting really messy with all of this Russian around. Critics still agree, D.C. can learn a thing or two from Hillary Clinton and the 2010 Obama Administration: though they were always Russian, they were never in a hurry.

— Caught in TheBreez ——————————————————————

In case you missed yesterday’s newsletter, TheBreez is reiterating some points, today only…
“Amazon Prime heads to Middle Earth”

That was the Twitter announcement made by CEO, Jeff Bezos, on Monday regarding the company’s sweet deal on an upcoming television series. Both the release date and the cast have yet to be released., however we do know that the multi-season show was purchased for $250 million, exactly 1,000 times what author J.R.R. Tolkien had originally got for the celebrated title. We also know that the series will follow original storylines preceding, “The Fellowship of the Ring.”

Shaking Things Up….

Last Sunday, Iran and Iraq experienced a 7.3-magnitude earthquake which left over 400 deceased in the region. It was the deadliest this year. Iran, second only to Russia, holds the world’s largest shale deposits. Shale is extracted using hydraulic fracturing, or fracking, and fracking causes earthquakes, studies show, such as the one that happened in Oklahoma this time last year, or the one that happened earlier this year in Pennsylvania.

And in local news….

The U.S. Labor Department initiative, Jobs Waiting has expanded to train hundreds in the Hudson Valley (Orange, Dutchess, Putnam, Rockland, Sullivan, Ulster and Westchester counties). SUNY Orange is one of the administering colleges through a partnership which includes the Orange County Workforce Development Board. 400 residents, especially those facing long-term employment barriers due to lack of education will be trained for in-demand jobs in the advanced manufacturing, biotechnology, and information technology industries.

Trumped Up Health…

You now have high blood pressure. The pills you take can track you sooner than you had hoped. Everyone’s learning what Kratom is. And now most of us are too busy learning about all these new (and frankly ridiculous) developments to even remember the name of Trump’s choice for Health and Human Services Secretary! Here’s a simple hint: Alex Azar.

Also in local news….

A 46 year old Port Jervis man was sentenced to 16 years in prison, Monday. Robert Burbridge faced five indictments including four counts of third-degree criminal sale of a controlled substance, two of which for cocaine, as well as, a second-degree criminal possession of a weapon charge, both felonies. The latter, was for a .380-caliber semiautomatic pistol found at his Coleman Street home on April 1, 2016.

Fun Fact! — SADFISH

The science is in, you can tell how animals feel! Unless of course you’re a sociopath and lack empathy. If you are, that’s okay too, because perhaps you, like many others, are interested in becoming more familiar with emotional expressions  in humans and animals.

The title isn’t referencing your depressed pet, but the seven emotions that can be recognized on the human face cross-culturally — Surprise, Anger, Disgust, Fear, Interest, Sadness, and Happiness! One of the leading nonverbal communication researchers, Paul Ekman, his daughter, Eve, and the Dalai Lama, got together to actually help people not only recognize these feelings, but their triggers and subsequent actions: The Atlas of Emotions!

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TheBreez #1: Monday Fun-day


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🌦 Monday Fun-day 🌥

Quote of the Day

“I don’t care who did what, let’s get to the bottom of this…” 😠— Chuck Rocha on the Russia-Election investigations. Talk about blowing a weathervane!

— “O – H – A[?] – O” ———-————————————————

The Story

Ohio State  students trolled Apple this Veterans’ Day.

Wait, why?

While Apple has been busy focusing on other things like oh I don’t know, a TV show with Reese Witherspoon[!] or a lawsuit win against Samsung, it’s new iPhone X is bugging out. Try to type an “i”. Go ahead. We’ll wait…. Yeah. Annoying right? Well, college students always love a good joke on a pervasive issue, so they went for it at the Michigan vs. Ohio game.   

I have an Android, what’s the deal?

Well, you picked a great time to switch to Galaxy. The (second-to-) most recent update for iPhone is frustrating as all hell for those that decided on an A[?]phone. Yeah.. that’s weird right?  This means a growing number of 2011’s 73% of American adults  who use the text feature for text messaging alone, are freaking out. That’s nearly one-hundred million people!

When did this start happening? AND WHEN WILL IT END!?

Ever since the A[?]phone X came out, it’s been acting buggy, but there really hasn’t been any long-term fix to this issue yet. So if you are the proud owner of the iCoaster X (or even an earlier version that happened to get the buggy update) you’re being driven to the brink of self-destruction, realizing how often you use the letter “i”. But hey. There’s always that new patch with iOS 11.1.1! Good luck!


Hey, how hard could A[?]t really be, A[?]n realA[?]ty, to use the new emojA[?]  added by developers to skA[?]rt the A[?]ssue, rA[?]ght? Glad you have an AndroA[?]d yet? The bug will probably get worked out sooner or later, but how difficult could it really be? 😜

— Caught in theBreez —————————————————————————

Just shootin’ theBreez I’m sure…

President Donald Trump met with Asian leaders (Putin included) theis past week and most recently those of Japan and Australia. After a display of what the president will do to the “Little Rocket Man”,  the three leaders, Trump, Prime Ministers Shinzo Abe and Malcolm Turnbull, respectively,  brainstormed how they were going to handle the growing crabbiness between the three countries, China and North Korea. Of course they discussed one other thing, because you know the President is “big on trade.”

Is he done yet?

Today, President Trump wraps up this 12-day tour of Asia in the Philippines While relations with some leaders on the continent have been “sincere” and fair, even with his rebuttal to the “short and fat,” Kim Jong Un, this last leg will prove most challenging to the diplomat. Ever since the election of President Rodrigo Duterte and his slaughterous crackdown on the drug trade in the country, US-Philippine relations have been caught in a cold wind.

In West Virginian news, oh wait, that’s Poland…

Poland celebrated it’s version of Independence Day (no, not the film), Fourth of July, this weekend. It looked something like Charlottesville.  It nearly was! Similar events fueled by white nationalist rage against the migrant and refugee crises have been taking off in the winds across Europe.

Can we get a comedian in here to lighten the mood? Oh wait…

We can’t get Louis C.K. to blow his breeze on this hot topic, he’s a part of the problem, and the worst part is: this isn’t the first time! Hollywood (and Congress) is catching a harsh wind lately as even actresses Gal Gadot and Ellen Page step forward with claims of sexual misconduct by coworkers in the industry.  Yeah, you read that right, Wonder Woman too! So let’s hope for the best for our favorite actors as we rewatch the powerful SNL monologue of Tiffiany Haddish.

And in local news….

Port Jervis residents celebrated their veterans in a spirited parade against cold winds a-blowin’ Saturday morning. VFW Post #161 1st Vice Commander Henry Dunn, a Vietnam Veteran, and the event’s Master of Ceremonies,  expressed his gratitude to those that courageously embraced the cold in the name of their national heroes. The day before, several of those service members also celebrated the unopposed election victory of new First Ward Common Councilperson,  Dominick Santini IV.

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Election 2017: Letter from the Editor’s Desk

ue to a crunch on time, this reporter’s personal life crises, and the topical nature of the usual fourth question, a questionnaire for the Second Ward’s candidates could not be completed. However, I hope citizens, in order to inform their own opinions, take a page from my book, and ask the difficult hot-button questions that are most pressing for them of their candidates. As for the First Ward, there really is no contest there.

As I have made clear in pieces for, for the Fourth and Third Wards, “participation trophies” (as some residents call them) will not be handed out. I, as a dutiful independent journalist, sworn to the truth and all that democracy requires of it cannot justify that ward’s candidates with a questionnaire or article. \

Two seats, two candidates; that is not choice, that is not democracy, and were I not an independent observer, I would still cast no vote for either.

Moving On: There is more than political candidates on the ballot this year, so please be informed, they are as follows:

  1. A Question: Shall there be a convention to revise the Constitution and amend the same?
  2. An Amendment: Allowing the complete or partial forfeiture of a public officer’s pension if he or she is convicted of a certain type of felony.
  3. An Amendment: Authorizing the Use of Forest Preserve Land for Specified Purposes.

The first amendment here elaborates as follows:

The proposed amendment to section 7 of Article 2 of the State Constitution would allow a court to reduce or revoke the public pension of a public officer who is convicted of a felony that has a direct and actual relationship to the performance of the public officer’s existing duties.

The second amendment:

The proposed amendment will create a land account with up to 250 acres of forest preserve land eligible for use by towns, villages, and counties that have no viable alternative to using forest preserve land to address specific public health and safety concerns; as a substitute for the land removed from the forest preserve, another 250 acres of land, will be added to the forest preserve, subject to legislative approval. The proposed amendment also will allow bicycle trails and certain public utility lines to be located within the width of specified highways that cross the forest preserve while minimizing removal of trees and vegetation.

Again, due to unforeseen personal tragedy, I have failed you, the Great American Public in this final task, and hope that one has found the information needed to form a strong opinion on the matter, elsewhere. As we move passed this election, I pray that you continue reading and supporting the work I do, and we do.

Election 2017: Who’s Running for Third Ward

Originally written for

PORT JERVIS, N.Y. — Polls open in little more than two weeks in Port Jervis, and around the state. Find your polling location before Tuesday, November 7, on the Port Jervis city website.

Not sure which Ward in Port Jervis you live in? Find yourself on the Ward Map.

This is a sister article to this one regarding the Fourth Ward. As there are more than two candidates for the Ward’s two seats, no candidate runs unopposed. Therefore , the Third Ward needs the public’s help in selecting the Ward’s next pair of representatives.

“No policy that does not rest upon some philosophical public opinion can be permanently maintained.” — Abraham Lincoln, 16th President of the United States

“There is a power in public opinion in this country – and I thank God for it. For it is the most honest and best of all powers –  which will not tolerate an incompetent or unworthy man to hold in his weak or wicked hands the lives and fortunes of his fellow-citizens.” — Martin Van Buren, 8th President of the United States

The Third Ward in Port Jervis, which spans from Reservoir Number One to the Port Jervis High School, and covers that corner of the city, has three candidatesrunning for the two seats open to the ward, as there are again for each ward this election.

Residents of the Third Ward, as citizens with the inalienable right to vote, now have a selection to gather information on and form an opinion of, as they are undeniably free to do, before choosing one, if any, that best represents them. Engaged residents in this respect came up with a list of questions for the Ward’s candidates regarding it’s hot-button issues.

All three of the Ward’s candidates answered in each interview in their own words and are unaltered, exclusively here. Commonly used abbreviations found herein are listed at the end of the article for reference:

Gina Fitzpatrick

“Hi, I’m Gina Fitzpatrick and as a resident & council member who just paid over $13,000 in school taxes on my properties, I do not want to see taxes go up any further. Working 3 jobs myself and being a mom to four children, I know how expensive it is to live. Our seniors and low income/fixed income residents really suffer when taxes are raised. The school taxes are what’s really gone way too high here. City taxes in Port are not too bad compared to surrounding towns. We have an excellent DPW and Police Dept that goes above and beyond to make this town clean & safe and making cuts to those departments will be detrimental.

As a resident of my ward for 38 years, I know almost all who live here. Most homes in my ward are well kept and maintained and I have not run into many problems with unkept properties. If there’s a problem, my fellow 3rd ward councilwoman Kristin and I address it. We work well together.

As when a councilman/councilwoman passes away or quits, I do agree that the seat should go to public vote in a special election. There are laws to follow in that regard as well.

I myself use a hashtag for my DJ business (#DJG) and sometimes for health and fitness etc. I have used #Portpride several times too. I only use it in a positive way. Other than that I am not bothered by seeing them and think it’s ok if done tastefully and doesn’t cause hate. I’m all about peace and getting along with others. When it comes to politics, it can sometimes be very dirty and hateful. I will remain calm and not be drawn into any drama that others have or create. I will do my best to represent my fellow neighbors and help anyway I can. As a volunteer & resident in my community, I see what Port has to offer. They are endless. Gina Fitzpatrick”

Niki Jones

Question 1.
“The tax increases we have seen over the last couple of years are a result of three components; first no cost of living tax increases for many years, second borrowing from the fund balance to run the City, and third no or little economic development in the City of Port Jervis.
Each budget cycle the mayor presents a budget to the Council through the finance chair. The finance chair then holds meetings with each department head. Once the budget process is completed the budget is presented to the council. Last year the finance chair voted against the very budget she proposed. Last year we had approximately a 9% tax increase, with 2018’s rumored to be the same.

Many line items make up the budget; payroll and benefits being two of the largest. But how do you run a City without the people; Police, DPW? So when asked if I would support a tax increase to support moving the City forward, protecting the people, and providing a better community, I would! The tax percentage can be negotiated but not based on not cutting City resources.

To even out our tax base, we need to increase economic development, get buildings sold, both single family homes and commercial buildings. We need to create a healthy economic environment where people want to come to the City, and invest their money.”

Question 2.
“The quality of life issues occurring in the third ward surround; drug houses, bank owned houses, waste water runoff/flooding and landlords that rent to tenants that are just not good neighbors. Smaller day to day quality of life issues can be solved with council representatives that are actively engaged in their community, and are willing to work seamlessly with the City departments to proactively seek change for their constituents. Recently work began on the drainage channel after it was compromised by hurricane Irene, and water flooded many yards. It took time, but the City was able to secure funding to repair the drainage channel. I will actively seek solutions and work tirelessly to resolve any problems that occur in the third ward.”

Question 3.
“If possible the council should wait until the nearest election; however political reality being what it is, the lack of a member or members could lead to tied votes and gridlock. Councilmembers would then be inclined to appoint someone, but always the electoral process should be followed. Special elections might be possible but it is an expensive process.”

Question 4.
“Given my business background I realize the value all kinds of social media and their success at arriving at consensus on various issues. Council members can express opposition on social media but they should not disparage the process.”

Kristin Trovei

1. Where do you stand on the property tax increases we have seen in the past few years and will you support them in the future if elected?

“I do not support the recent property tax increases, as evident in my no vote to the budget last year. This is not simply because I think taxes are bad. I understand that as a city resident we expect, and have become used to, certain services provided to us. Those services cost money and costs of services rise each year. We have an amazing group of hardworking and dedicated employees that help keep our city safe, clean and operating and we appreciate them immensely.  However, I don’t think enough has been done to thoroughly look through the city expenses and revenues, as well as implement changes that could have put the City on a better path, which is why I voted no.  I do not want to point fingers, but there have been decisions that have been made in the past by previous councils, for whatever their reasons may have been, that have contributed to the difficult financial issues that we face today. This current council has to follow through on decisions that have been previously made, such as contracts until they are up for renegotiation – a sure to be difficult process. However, we cannot keep kicking the can down the road. I cannot change or dwell on those past decisions. This is where we are at, so let’s move on from here.

I believe that the city needs to develop a reasonable financial plan. It can be difficult to enact and follow through on as the administrations change and emotions can get in the way of reason, but the basic concepts should be followed to ensure that the City can sustain. It is possible to maintain the level of employees, pay those employees well, provide good benefits to those employees, maintain services, and reduce costs. While every situation is different, tactics to achieve those goals have been utilized in other communities and I believe that if people are willing to work together, we can come up with plans and contracts that will reduce the ever-increasing burden on the tax payers while maintaining, if not enhancing, the services the City provides to its current residents and businesses as well as attract new ones. In addition, the City needs to develop a plan to properly market and promote the City to draw more residents in and increase the tax base that has been relatively stagnant for far too long as well as draw in new economic opportunities.

I see positive changes in Port Jervis that has happened over the past 2 years. Many of the old buildings in the down town area have been purchased and renovated and we are trying to utilize our natural resources and history as tourist attractions. New businesses will come in, bringing new jobs, new visitors and maybe new residents, and we need to support that as much as we can. However, we also need to make sure we support the businesses and residents that are already here so that they can remain and thrive here.

Ultimately, we all need to work together to do what’s best for the hardworking tax payers of this city. That’s the responsible thing to do.”

2. What are your thoughts and plans for improving the living conditions in our ward?
“Quality of life issues affect every ward. I think in order to combat them we need to be proactive as well as develop better communication with the police department, the code enforcement office, neighborhood watch groups and residents. If people do not communicate the problems, they cannot be fixed. Communication and the sharing of information is something I push for, which is one of the reasons why for the past year I have posted weekly ‘cliff notes’ of meetings that I have attended on my Facebook page so people who cannot attend meetings can have a glimpse of what was discussed.

The PJPD and Code Enforcement officers work very hard and spend much of their time in areas with a record of higher reported problems, which unfortunately leaves the rest of the city being monitored less often. However, if we were to hire additional resources, the budget would increase, which is often not an enjoyable prospect.

I believe we need to provide as many resources as we can reasonably afford to our city departments as well as continue to look at regulations and procedures to see what can be changed to allow the City to more easily and effectively stop some of the problems. We recently hired two part-time seasonal code enforcement officers to assist with the demand placed on our Code Enforcement office, with the expectation that their salaries would essentially be paid with the fines that will be accrued. But we also need the residents to assist. There are things that the citizens can do to help that the City cannot do while the city council and officials deal with the legalities and obstacles that stand in our way. I cannot attend neighborhood watch meetings in the 3rd ward due to the fact that I have a CDA meeting on the same day and time as those meeting are supposed to occur, but I have requested that meeting notes be forwarded to myself and Ms. Fitzpatrick so we can be apprised of issues raised and we can follow up with proper departments. Other wards have active neighborhood watch groups and I hope that these meetings occur more regularly, more residents attend and help be a part of the solution. Pride and respect of your property and community cannot be legislated, but we can lead by example and work with each other to help solve some of the issues that we face.”

3. What is your position on installing council members without a public vote in the circumstance a member quits or dies?

“Losing a member of the council is never easy and the prospect of replacement is never taken lightly. The process to fill that vacated seat is outlined by the Board of Elections and enacted by the remaining council members. I believe in the continuity of government and that part of the responsibility of the council is to make decisions to ensure that residents are being fully represented. Leaving a seat vacant for an extended period of time would not allow for full representation. I can understand the concerns of this process, but I believe in the ability for the remaining council members to agree on an appointment of a person they believe to be qualified and dedicated to the task until an election can occur and the residents of that ward can vote on the next council member.”

4. Where do you stand on sitting council members denigrating the use of hashtags, the public search engine tool for building community and organized information?

“I do not use hashtags. I have ‘hashtagged’ appx 2 times in my entire life and don’t necessarily plan on utilizing hashtags in the future. It is just not something that I participate in.  I typically do not use them, share them, follow them, search with them, or comment on them.  I can see that if utilized properly, they can be a useful tool. I can also see how they can be over used and lose their effectiveness. However, recently a hashtag has been circulating in a negative manner toward a friend of mine and fellow candidate. I disagreed with the sentiment, however, since I respect people’s rights (even councilmember’s) to have opinions, I did not say anything about the hashtag nor did I say anything about specific person(s) or publications that may or may not have started it or been associated with it. Unfortunately, the hashtag was used in a manner which I believe to be improper. Hashtags belong on social media, not anonymously placed in a person’s personal belongings, which is something that recently occurred. Whether meant to be a joke or harassment/intimidation for the candidate, I believe it to be inappropriate. I believe that one can agree with the sentiment of the intended use of the hashtag while not agreeing with the actions that transpired.

Thank you for including me in your Election 2017 coverage. If anyone has any questions, comments, concerns, suggestions or need clarification on anything, please reach out to me and I will provide you with as much factual and honest information as I can provide.”


  • appx – approximately
  • CDA – Community Development Agency
  • DPW – Port Jervis Department of Public Works
  • PJPD – Port Jervis Police Department