Author: Brienna Parsons

Brienna is another person who feels compelled to do some good. If you're a volunteer, journalist, or an activist with a vegan diet, you may have already met, if not, she touched on those topics, photography, poetry, and musings murmured meandering Mother Earth at After studying briefly in New Paltz — linguistics and philosophies as a student senator — she volunteered in Port Jervis, NY as a reporter. She may be found somewhere in the American desert. Maybe.

Moneyed Interests, Malevolence, and Malfeasance: A Brief History of Money In Politics and the War on Freedom, Pt.1

White nationalism seems to be a growing threat in America. Would it surprise you to learn that it’s been fueled? This is Article 1 in the series.

Progress in America: A Millennial Perspective

Progress in America may look different from everyone’s perspective but this is part of what it looks like over here in this corner of the world.

Obit: (a Relative)

Today I learned news that I lost a relative. I never had the chance to meet him, because I have yet to visit my family in Puerto Rico. He was 96.

Memorial Day: Education is the Greatest Weapon, Not Our Lives

Why spend money and lives on wars inspired by others’ gains? Don’t! Spend it on free public colleges! There’s a lot of good reasons why you should, here’s just a few:

Basically Anything They Say: Who are they really speaking for?

How did we get Trump? How does any country beget a fascist ruling government? The answer is kind of easy, but no spoilers!

Which Democratic candidates are staying on top of trans news? Here’s a slideshow answer:

Transgender issues such as the right to body autonomy aren’t solely a trans matter. Especially as the United States is inflamed regarding recent abortion bans, it’s a subtopic on the issue of body autonomy. Similarly, we can talk about discrimination against many people barring them from housing, education, healthcare, and

Sweetie, You’re Not Stupid or a Fascist and Here’s Why

It isn’t always easy to tell if the person you’re talking to is a fascist. Sometimes they’re simply ignorant. Well, regardless of which bucket they fall into, throw them this way, maybe they’ll read, maybe they won’t. Ultimately, it’s up to them.

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