About the Site

This is the Third Incarnation of a Blog that I have kept since, perhaps, as early as 2011. Some followers of this particular incarnation may even remember its predecessor, the Second, called BriezyMelodie.me. This, I can assure all, is the Final addition to the blogging trilogy that I’ve been working on, and there will be no more new blogs to follow and old blogs to unfollow.

There are, I admit teasingly, more blogs of mine not mentioned here. What can I say? I love to write, and I enjoy stretching my venues, and my own knowledge.

Here, I showcase my commissions, practice my poetry, open up my opinions, and above all, cover the news — currently with precision on local news.

I don’t bite. I swear. Okay, I swear a lot, but I still don’t bite. Well… my writing my bite, at times. Especially my journalism. The truth hurts. That’s why you’ll find that most posts of mine have the comments open. Pain inspires art more than pleasure, I believe. And I have plenty of both to share.





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