No States, No Bombs. Rojava, and the World, Needs Peace.

Early Wednesday morning in Northern Syria, the worst began.

United States President Donald Trump stepped aside from airspace control following a visit earlier this year.

When visiting Istanbul, Trump made it a point to appreciate the government that allowed his gentrification of the city to occur.

The incumbent President of the United States is a big fan of gifts, and, like many narcissists on the right, really enjoys having his ego fluffed up with remarks about strength and the like.

However, words are good, but actions are better. And Trump’s actions were better than the words he received.

President of the second largest NATO-allied militarized nation, Recep Tayyip Erdoğan of Turkey is a fan of action over words. Russia and the US alike have given aid to Turkey in recent years, especially as Syria began to see civil unrest.

Words are cheap to Trump, so when he could, he said, and when he was stuck, he did. He started by hinting at leaving Syria as he entered office. Yet, after a parade of advisors and fascist leaders from around the world, Trump was near-ready for something else: war with Iran.

It’s cheaper and simpler to turn one’s back.

Trump Betrayed the Kurds

Early Wednesday, Turkey began laying down bombardment on villages in Northern Syria. By the evening the death toll for civilians would tick up to nearly a dozen as many more were wounded. Not including civilian resistance fighters.

As villages such as Kobanê, Zormixar, Siftek, Şiyûxa Jêrîn and Aşmê were under fire, young men and women were reluctant to leave. Thousands of others were heading south toward a US military base and generally out of the line of fire. Many resisted to back down, civilians and security alike took up arms and artillery and returned fire.

Trump is hoping that the Kurds are not ‘cleansed’ as Turkey aims for ethnic cleansing. He said today that he would destroy Turkey’s economy if they wiped out the Kurds. He won’t, and furthermore, he’s not the most reassuring when he says he’s sure Erdoğan “will act rationally,” why would anyone believe him?

The Usual Suspects

There’s a long history regarding Rojava, the place to the West as its called colloquially. The commune started as an anti-state, socialist, ecologist, and feminist autonomous region. For more on that I recommend today’s discussion on Novara Media.

Rojavan Kurds, after having been armed, trained, and supported by the US, was left to handle ISIS fighters on their own, with no ability to have countries take their expats back. Still more to the point that Rojava had to deal with, they were aware that many ISIS militant jihadists were coming from Turkey with passports and sometimes even Turkish intelligence identification.

Turkey isn’t their only problem. While there’s Saudi Arabia, Israel, and Syria to directly be concerned with, there’s a tight spot Rojava is in. For starters, they can’t tackle some of these larger issues because they are being refused recognition by many bodies. And secondly, there’s a serious mess in Turkey and Syria where both sides are being played for the benefit of a certain ruling group, taking weapons from anyone and everyone, threatening others, and more.

There’s a complex situation that needs real leadership and a diplomacy to match. Trump isn’t that and that’s to be expected. But without real leadership, it’s easy to see why a stateless society without hierarchy makes more sense.

How do you vote?

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