Ahead of protest, coalition calls on NY Gov: Stand Up to Trump, Pipelines

New York, NY — Yesterday, President Donald Trump signed an executive order to force through pipeline permitting.

By doing so, Trump attempts to block states’ decision-making power on greenhouse gas projects.

This move affects New Yorkers who have been working on issues related to climate change and the need for a Green New Deal.

For instance, the coalition to stop a pipeline from being built in the harbor of New York City. Opposing the proposed Williams Northeast Supply Enhancement (NESE) fracked gas pipeline, was hard enough for women like Kim Fraczek.

On Wednesday, Trump reminded activists like her the importance of protecting every win. Victories such as the Clean Water Act have to be protected from bad actors.

Stop the Williams Pipeline Coalition, the one Kim works with, is organized by 350Brooklyn, 350org, Food and Water Watch, New York Communities for Change, Rockaway Beach Civic Association, Sane Energy Project, and Surfrider NYC Chapter

This comes the week before New Yorkers gear up to march over the Brooklyn Bridge on Thursday, April 18, demanding Governor Andrew Cuomo stand up for New Yorkers and stop the pipeline ahead of Earth Day.

In response to the executive order, Stop the Williams Pipeline Coalition issued the following statement:
“Trump’s latest executive order attempts to trample states’ legal right to prevent toxic projects like the proposed Williams NESE Pipeline from turning protected waters into corporate dumping grounds. New Yorkers are proud to have intervened to stop these unneeded assaults on our health and communities in the past. With the Williams Pipeline, Governor Cuomo has the chance to do that again. He can either stand up to Trump by denying the permits while proving he’s truly committed to a Green New Deal, or he can give in and let this unspeakably reckless administration have its way. The choice is his.”

As for clean water, those in the southwest can attest to the importance of it.

Earlier this week the U.S. Senate and House of Representatives passed the Colorado River Drought Contingency Plan Act. With the country’s two largest reservoirs of clean water, Lakes Mead and Powell, less than 45 percent capacity, according to the U.S. Department of Reclamation, the need to engage in “pain-sharing” is, without a doubt, absolutely necessary.

Both reservoirs are fed by the Colorado River, which in turn serves millions of acres of farmland and millions of people from Denver to Palm Springs.

For years the contingency plan was being held up by Arizona Republicans.

New Yorkers urge Governor Andrew Cuomo not to act in line with Trump and the Right-wing. But will it be enough to be good for business in the Empire State?

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