Borderline Humanitarian Crisis

Hey folks!

Earlier this month, I set out on foot from El Paso, TX. The goal was to document the length of the southwest border and through photography of the environment, region, and relevant images, raise money for humanitarian causes.

Today, on Facebook, I started a direct donation button to my personal page to this end. The button is for the Texas RioGrande Legal Aide (TRLA), which is helping represent migrants affected by what has become a humanitarian crisis, abuse, at the border.

On April 30th, it will be Mexico’s Children’s Day. This is a reminder for us to make a drastic change in our treatment of people at the border, and most importantly those children seeking asylum.

If you can’t directly support TRLA through the link in my Facebook page or are unable to do so here, please consider sharing my photography project.

I began the project on March 16th, and am calling it Open Borders. The photos are for sale at my eponymous gallery on 500px. All, 100%, of proceeds from any photo purchases made during the month of April will be donated to the following organizations:

Thank you for caring about this issue.

3/29 Update: Halfway to San Diego, CA to photograph the Tijuana border. After that heading north for a short personal photowalk before heading back towards the Rio Grande border.

Here’s a sneak-peek into the gallery while you’re here:

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