Month: November 2018

The Big Progressive Wins on Election Night, Midterms 2018

Democrats were looking forward to a Blue Wave. Progressives were hoping for progressive candidates. Right-of-center? A redder political map. Well, we can delve into that later on, but here’s what we got for the most part last night. The Big Progressive Wins First, a list. Next what we can expect

No Excuses: The Election Rundown: Now Go Vote!

Here’s basically everything you will need to know in order to practice your civil right while remaining unbiased and non-influential, except for one way: NOW YOU WANT TO VOTE!

I Decided To Channel My Liberal Feminist Rage Into Karate — Thought Catalog

I signed up for karate class for the fourth time in my life the other night. The first time, which I’ve written about before, followed my very short-lived dance career at the age of four. To recap briefly, after a painful bout of chicken pox I caught at my first

TheBreez – Vote and stuff!

Quote of the Day “I dissent.” — The cutest, most lawful, most feminist, and most notorious Halloween costumes, you may have missed this Halloween. (Also, hard not to vote tomorrow with the mental image of these adorable RBG’s shaking their heads in disappointment.) “Take me, Spanish Caravan” The Story Thousands

Watch LWT on “Family Separation” and realize how horrifying this is:

Review: Surpassing Certainty

Surpassing Certainty: What My Twenties Taught Me by Janet Mock My rating: 5 of 5 stars This book was an insightful look into the magazine writer’s world from the fresh young perspective of a black, Hawaiian, trans woman. The majority of the books includes her trials and tribulations as a

Trump Warns That Democrats Would Drag Nation Back to Days of Tolerance and Decorum:

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