Month: October 2018

Spanish Caravan

Are all runaways alone? And other questions I would ask the people of the Central American caravan in hopes of maybe getting a better understand myself as a chronically depressed and all-around isolated person.


There’s no one else in the house The phone rings And there’s no one on the line I feel empty My heart feels empty You can never get close. from Blogger via IFTTT avoidant attachment, loneliness, loner, love, Poetry


I can feel my heart in my chest Can’t clutch it, knuckles broken But not for anger, striking in rage For sadness and fighting for love from Blogger via IFTTT loss, love, poems, Poetry


There’s a lot of tools out there to be better connected and improve your life. I like promoting them, especially when I believe in them. Bloglovin’ is one of those tools. Bloglovin’ helps you, as a blogger, get inspired, find other bloggers like you, and explore the blogosphere. It’s easy

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