Port Jervis, Journalist Associate Wanted

Searching for answers to your questions or those of others?
Want to not only know the truth, but share it? Well, hopefully we’re both in luck!

Transparently, Brienna Parsons is looking for a journalist associate for pro bono writing.

Port Jervis, New York is a low-income city, with a median household income of hardly $35k in 2010. The major newspaper that covers the area is the Times Herald-Record. Two things are hard to come by: paying gigs and reporters.

This gig is unpaid, but includes bylines, being featured on YourPortJervisIsShowing.com, and opportunities to create amazing work that can’t help but hit the printer.

Gig requirements are that the right reporter has fair control over their free time and can manage their time well, as well as owns an iPhone or a High Resolution camera. They should be able to take shorthand notes on the fly and be prepared to record conversations and ask for attribution.

If you’re looking to learn and get into the career, this is a good place to start. I’m covering local finance news and keeping city processes open and transparent. We’re also going to look at applying as a team for internships in the career track.

I’m currently available Mondays and Thursdays. If this works for you too, great, but more open availability is appreciated as there are plenty of events that I can’t cover with this availability.

Contact via email: briennaparsons22@gmail.com.
Serious inquiries only. 

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