Things Blogging Has Taught Me…

A wonderful brief on blogging. For those just jumping in, this is a great place to get started:


After 2 years of blogging, i’ve learnt quite a few things along the way and in today’s posts i will be sharing with you some of them so let’s get into it!

Organization Skills

I will start of with this point because personally this is one that has affected me the most as a result of blogging. Prior to blogging, i rarely ever wrote to do lists or prioritized tasks. I would just just wake up and go about my day doing whatever i felt like; to be quite honest i can’t remember what i did with all my free time before i started blogging haha! Now, i can’t go a day without setting tasks for the next day, and in a way blogging has forced me to become organized in other areas of my life aswell making me an overall more productive person. I have always been an organized…

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