Baby, It’s Cold Outside, Stay Inside, Watch The Gifted, Stay Frosty


If you’re on the spectrum of autism, gay, lesbian, trans, HIV positive, or otherwise just love anything Marvel, you’re probably watching Fox’s new Marvel series, The Gifted. The show follows the Strucker nuclear-family and their two explosive teenage mutant children. We’re not going to talk about those kids here, because of their powers, combined, are too much to be contained in one article.

FX's Legion


Similarly, however, there is one character that we can discuss in this post. Well, maybe she’s actually three… or five… Either way, “all work and no play.”

If you haven’t watched The Gifted’s Mid-season Finale, STOP! For REAL!

Frost: Skyler Samuels

Esme Frost

Skyler Samuels, also known as Gigi on Disney’s Wizards of Waverly Place, as well as Grace Gardner in Season One of Scream Queens, makes for a strong and intriguing turning point character as Esme Frost. That surname should certainly give away the game. Esme, previously a political assistant to an anti-human politician, arrives in support of the Mutant Underground after laying low with other mutant refugees, safely taken in by those led by pyro Eclipse and the magnetic daughter of Magneto, Polaris.

Some of my readers may be unfamiliar with Emma Frost, and that’s alright because frankly, I was too. Her powers were not only frosty but scarily powerful. So when cloned, it isn’t a surprise that the White Queen of the Hellions (yes, the same group that Thunderbird was also a part of), would have ridiculously powerful offspring (ovaspring?).

Thunderbird, John Proudstar. Redford, Blair. The Gifted. 2017


Emma Frost had a voice to listen to. She was witty, strong, and commanding, even educating her own militant mutants at her Massachusetts Academy. No suprise then, that Esme Frost, when with her sisters, the Stepford Cuckoos, is also a resoundingly strong female voice.

artwork not mine

Emma Frost

The Stepford Cuckoos are my feminist picks for this show. Out all of the characters, even when communicating with an evil boss, she never shows inferiority. Without looking it up, I’m positive that Esme and her twins would pass the Bechdel test.

Whatever this feminist icon becomes, hero, antihero, villain, or something else (link: also a great recap of the subsequent episode), I have a single question:

Where are the other two? Or are we really just hanging in there with only three?

Inhumans fan art

The Inhumans

Closing Thoughts

With ABC hosting The Inhumans and Fox, The Gifted, there’s a nerd pang that fires off within me. Thoughts of the Arrowverse and (my beloved) Supergirl joining together with The Flash and beyond make me question what possibilities could hold for the future of television Marvel. In short: give this nerd and nerds like her what they crave: crossovers.

I enjoyed writing this post, so expect to see a Marvel 2017 Review tag, and often. (Also Gotham, because yes, Gotham!)


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