2018 New Year’s Resolutions: Part 2 of 3

STOP! If you haven’t Read Part One, do it! This is Part Two of Three!

There’s still resolutions to be completed with that positive energy!

As for writing: number one on my to-do list should be finishing the compiling of poems, as wells as the writing of a list for several more to complete a chapbook that has been in the works throughout last year. Depending on how that process goes a second one may even take form. Perhaps a personal piece, as this first one may prove to be, or even something about an idea, or something larger than myself, put into poetry, and concisely completed in a chapbook: detailed and defined.  

Creating a crowdfunding method for funding particular journalistic activities is a wise idea. This last year, I had foiled the local government several times, and every time had to choose between eating for the next two weeks or purchasing the copies that they had made. IAs it turns out, every time, my hunger was louder than the hunger for the truth of the beast called Journalism.

Journalism also calls for a narrowing of focus on business and finance, as many have hinted is the wormhole that pulls in many journalists. Starting with just the outskirts, say, a piece about a new brewery turning into a comment on the craft-beer industry. Or, the taxes of a municipality rising. These articles quickly spiral into the full in-depth analysis and complete vestiture that makes up business and finance journalism. Not that the Wall Street Journal is on my list of places to publish in the future, I guess it can’t be marked off as I find myself studying tax code, pass-through entities, death taxes, and more of the finance jargon.

While performing the research that’s required here, as a journalist, I hope to also pick up and improve upon the skills I have as a conversational investigator. Plainly speaking, I hope that my interviewing skills really polish up. Honestly, it doesn’t hurt that I have a slight quiet addiction to facial expressions, micro-expressions, lie-detecting, and behavioral psycho-linguistics.

I’d be foolish not to note, while I’m on the subject of such work that for a month now I’ve been consistently working on a newsletter called TheBreez. I’ve enjoyed it very much, because while someday I hope to have my own newspapers or magazine I can settle, in the moment and temporarily, for an email newsletter. In addition to that though, I want to start creating zines.

Zines are little hand-crafted and photocopied magazines. As small as they are they can contain a lot of art and a lot of information. Not very far off from what the Port Jervis Little Paper is, but my hopes are that it’ll be more self-sufficient and focus less on advertising and more on art and science.

During the past year, I’ve also begun working on a solid list of publications and editors. It’s called my pitch list. For now, it’s only a list of editors and their magazines or newspapers that I think would be interested in the kind of work that I will be producing. The ultimate goal is to turn that list into freelancing opportunities, through pitches, and then turn those in turn into salaried positions at my first newsrooms.  

Fiction too!

It would be incredibly difficult to stay positive, I’m sure, without some written method of fanciful daydreaming. I’m big on daydreaming. That’s why many of my fiction pieces will come together this year, as well as a novel. That’s the goal. Publish my first novel. Just so I can stop thinking about it.

Being big on daydreaming there’s the bit of reality that continues to get away from me. Making money. I’m not the best Virgo in this way, and certainly no Taurus. I can’t seem to save money for the life of me under all of my debts. That’s on the list.

Really, that’ll be it for goals. At least until March, when I take a look at this again and benchmark my pace, then I really should do a follow-up piece and check in with my expectations. Resolutions are set-it-and-forget-it.

That’s the problem with New Year’s Resolutions. Goals need to be made every year, every month, every week, every day. In my office, I have a dry-erase board, where I keep a shortlist of no-more-than three items I am currently working on. It’s by the door so every time I have to use the bathroom, I check it. It usually only has one item on it, as that’s the best way to really focus on getting a job done.

I believe that completes my New Year’s Resolutions, for myself. Oh, wait! How thoughtless, I forgot an important detail. Sleep. Getting regular on sleep is a biiig goal of mine for this year. Last year I put the data in and I would say seven hours is all I need. The only problem: finding those seven hours with a brain that nearly never shuts off for bed. Sigh. Laying meditations.

On to the Third and Final Part.


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