2018 New Year’s Resolutions: Part 1 of 3

This is the 2018 New Year’s Resolution post that everyone had wanted. It’s an appropriate length for a blog post with the necessary detail, and may even make an eye wet or two with its prose. The rose-tinted glasses are off and we’re looking straight ahead for the calendar’s horizon.

It’s a three-part piece to kick of 2018. This is Part One.

I had told a friend in 2017 the side of the clock that still chimed before midnight, was stress.. 2018 by stark contrast was looming with a brilliance, bright.  Now with eyes past the year’s midnight, beyond the height of stress and on the descending, one can create a better picture of their tomorrows.

The goal above all is this:

Cherishing every day, beginning with this post, even if it’s not fully cooked, the importance of the ideas making it somewhere rests surely. This is something that was loosely developed in last year’s post: writing things down, list by list, and pushing every decent sounding idea off into the article factory that my office has more appropriately become.

It’s this idea that connects us to something greater, a connection to the larger world. It’s the only thing that really connects one to the world. What is love but the idea of love? War but the idea of war. Loss, but an idea.

Only the individual that can perceive it can connect it to where it belongs outside of their own brains. This then adds increasing value to our lives in the way that is infinite. Every day, especially when you’re alone, you have to make that connection for yourself. The same goes for the years that pass into the years to come.

As far as connections go with years, the Year of the Cock, I had none.

Being born in 1994, the Year of the Dog, the connections are now multiplicitous. Every month and every day of this new year has a connection. Therefore, it is easy to say that this year will be a good one.

That line is not alone. There is also the repeating numbers of its numerology. 2+0+1+8. An 11 year, or perhaps a 2. Either way, it’s half of one of my numbers, either half of my Life Path Number 22 in an eleven, or in a two. Or even if read that particular way, half of my 4.

The connections I have to this year are already pulled taut. Making way for a lot of optimism as the days carry out. This first one beginning with a routine I hope to build upon, not just writing deeply for myself, but immediately sharing that after completion, with the reasonable edits for grammar — not for voice.

There’s a lot of optimism, with one foot in the shallow end of 2018. There must be a balance here of course or the pie-in-the-sky now proved by the Pentagon to be aliens, will abduct me as a boundless energy source to rival their own futuristic technology.

At the onset of this year, it was made very clear that many were hanging on to where they have brought themselves if it were a good place: tooth, and nail. That many, not just I, were starting 2018 with some sort of uphill-battle, hardscrabble perseverance,  and just barely seeing the surface.

So while continuing into 2018 discussing resolutions of exercise and diet, there is also the very-too-real fact, that these goals are economic or financial facts, that by pointing them out, we are also laying the groundwork for goals that are in tandem to those. The quiet part of every “I’ll eat healthier” post is the “I’ll make enough money to be selective” objective. A truth of tooth and nail.

A nail like a hammer claw in fringed wood, of an old tattered home, in Port Jervis where taxes raise exponentially rather than gradually.  Such as the seas and climate change, 8.13% will have a grapple hold on many, while the tooth, driven by growling stomach is chipped on a rock soup.

The image in Port Jervis, figuratively: A toothless hand waves as blank tired eyes shine and blink, moist with tears.

That’s a story to further be told as the year grows on us. The poverty that rises and falls in American cities as profit pushes and casts them, as if there were anywhere they could go. Single mothers evicted and uprooted from where their families may have lived for generations. Homes that were once under the ownership of a single family for decades is rented out to many more families as the cycle continues, and property values drop.

We will follow this most serious of stories as the year grows on us. As the pangs of hunger gurgle for life. As an American famine of more than nutrients give rise to worsening health, and faith faltering, gives way to failing hopes.

It’s easy eating vegan when you fast throughout the day. When you call it fast because it gives you power over your immediate circumstances when times have one stretched. As jobs are few, and so few more aren’t quite cut out for the cookie cutter of retail. I look forward to a Siddharthic mid-day meal for this reason.  Who is to say that I am alone in this way?

A bowl of Spicy Ramen sounds like a nice snack, but it’s the spice that keeps one healthy as the lack of nutrients of a daily ramen helping make one weak. I look forward to more recipes than that. Something with more greens, perhaps even cheese for my non-vegans. Yet, realistically, we look out over our funds and our debts, and I especially, do not add any such desire to learn new cooking skills to my resolutions, besides those that pick themselves up along the way, while making ramen.

Of exercise, I would like to run at least a mile every day. I do at least try to make that happen. Some may try to argue that it isn’t a very wise investment, but at the end of the month, that $10 membership to Planet Fitness was less than a dollar a day. If you go every day.

Which brings me to how one might calculate running a mile every day. It could be that it’s the average of every day of the year, however, I hope to see it be the total. To look back, in 2019, at a calendar with everyday a mile ticked off. I should probably start today to make that one a reality, but other realities are far more pressing.

Admittedly, the goal is to run six miles every day. As if I were a superhero from Arrow, or just as driven as Felicity Smoak, my favorite character. Yes, the goal was inspired by that one moment between John and Ollie.

Positivity, positively, positing: a pursuance of happiness.

In general, the year must progress mostly with positivity. Or at least continue without falling into the dark depths that ruined days and tested lives in the past. A connection to the world, positing something from that connection and acting on that idea: positivity must move throughout this.

Exercising, stretching, yoga, my walking meditations, my poetry writing, and striving to make all of my medical appointments are the usual goals, but if they’re not met with the right positive energy, they can be lost. Friendship can be perforated. People seem to do so much better when I’m in a better way myself. It’s funny how we’re all connected in that way in particular.

On to Part Two


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