The Breez – Dec. 21, 2017

Quote of the Day

“Call me when you have a dinner invite from an alien” – Neil deGrasse Tyson is not impressed by UFO sightings.

Taxing Times

The Story

The US is going to get hit majorly hard. Not just by one thing however. You might be thinking taxes, but you’d be only half-right.

Yes, the GOP Tax Plan…

Yesterday, GOP lawmakers passed the biggest overhaul to the tax code in decades. President Trump still needs to sign it into law. Corporations are getting a big, permanent tax cut. Most Americans will see temporary cuts too. But eventually, many lower and middle-class Americans will end up owing more. Next, Congress has to pass a spending bill in order to avoid a government shutdown this weekend. This most likely won’t include a DACA fix or the Children’s Health Insurance Program,

While we’re on the subject of taxes…

Locally, Port Jervis councilpeople Lisa Randazzo, Stan Siegel, Maria Mann and Gina Fitzpatrick all voted “no” on a proposed tax hike, Monday.  The hike of 8.1 percent included a 0.40 percent for Mayor Kelly Decker’s hoped-for salary increase, which would double his pay at the expense of nearly $10 a resident, according to Siegel. The vote will be had again after more deliberation in the coming weeks.

But also the US Olympic Team…

Yesterday, US Olympic gymnast McKayla Maroney sued USA Gymnastics, the organization that oversees the sport. Since last year, more than 130 women have accused former team doctor Larry Nassar of sexual assault. Nassar, recently sentenced to 60 years in prison on child porn charges, admitted earlier to molesting young girls. He’s now awaiting sentencing on sexual assault charges.

Aaaaand national sanity…

While most of us in New York are still talking about the Port Authority attempted terrorist bombing, most of the US is now talking about the black money, $22 million Pentagon program for UFO investigations. The program recently coming to light has revealed footage of UFO’s which apparently aren’t enough of a big deal for astrophysicist Neil Degrasse Tyson. Which is sorta  funny, because most people are losing their minds about the fact that the former head of the program, Luis Elizondo, has even said the words in a shocking announcement: “My personal belief is that there is very compelling evidence that we may not be alone.


They could be walking amongst us… Yet the real threat to the human population is not aliens. But our loss of freedom. In the past week, we’ve seen our net neutrality revoked, another major city attacked by terrorists, a tax plan that may just curse everyone but the rich, and yet the largest villain of recent times are those that use power, authority, and their relative-hierarchical power to subjugate men and women sexually.  Let’s say it again: the People-of-the-Year are The Silence Breakers.

Caught in TheBreez

And in local news…

The results are in! A little less than six weeks ago… asbestos test results for the 15 Seward Avenue Firehouse demolition site, came in through Fourth Ward Councilperson Stan Siegel. But they’re clean! And if you think that this update is more than a little late, consider how Fourth Ward residents felt seeing the official health report come in about twice as long! See the full article at, for more info.

Last Week the Polls Closed…

This week, today specifically, the polls open… in Catalonia. The semi-autonomous region of Spain, which includes Barcelona, votes today on the prospect of a new, independent government, after months of protest. Months ago, Spain called the move “unconstitutional” as it scurried to reclaim the massive cash cow that is Catalonia. So while Europe wouldn’t like  another Brexit situation, pro-independence and pr-Spain parties are neck-and-neck in this race. If Catalonia wins its independence, I’ll personally do the Sardana.

A blaze to remember….

The Thomas Fires in California, said to be the size of N.Y., have weakened slightly. A break in winds have made the blaze easier to fight. However, the pyric calamity remains the third largest in the state’s history.

Net Neutrality is no joke Ted Cruz….

Infamous Joker voice actor and Obi-wannabe, Mark Hamill, went after America’s Dark Side, Sunday. Luke Skywalker in a retort to Texas Sen. Ted Cruz’s defense of Republican FCC chairman Ajit Pai reminded the senator of  both the correct spelling of his last name, and of the incident in September regarding Cruz’s like of a pornographic tweet. That was a Mustafar-level burn Master Jedi.

From Russia with love…

A tip of the hat! Russian president Vladimir Putin curtsied Sunday to President Donald Trump after a St. Petersburg terrorist plot was foiled. They would have gotten away with it too, if it weren’t for the meddling Trump and his stupid CIA.

Truck yeah!

Walmart, Anheuser-Busch, and UPS. What do they all in common? Their expanding fleet of Tesla electric semi-trucks. The future is getting greener, and so far, UPS is leading the way – in terms of distribution and delivery, of course, with 125 brand-new Teslas.

Started cold, but nothing warms the heart like it….

A Knoxville, Tennessee woman, 26, made the press freeze and ask “huh?” this week. Delivering a baby that broke records as they were born. The child was frozen as an embryo for 24 years, which is almost as long as the young mother has been alive! The embryo was donated, and carried to full-term by the Tennessean. Way to go baby Emma Wren!

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