The Breez #3


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Quote of the Day

“The hardworking Mexican.” — An original White Card from Cards Against Humanity. “The party game for horrible people” is buying a piece of the US Border as part of this year’s Holiday Promotion.

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The Story

I’ll take my coffee just like  Donald Trump, Jr.: Black Rifle.

The Russian Breez…

Whether you think the son of President Donald Trump is the “dumbest” or indeed was doing the right thing, we can all agree that the timing for the press release of Trump Jr.’s communications with the transparency organization, Wikileaks, couldn’t be worse. While Don’s lawyer has told the NY Daily News that they aren’t concerned that this may give to the public, the appearance of Russian collusion, Wikileaks, has had that finger pointed at them too, during the 2016 Presidential Election. But it gets worse!

The Four Breezes…

The Trumps, Wikileaks, Papadopoulos and other campaigners, who else could possibly get involved? Well, while Trump Jr. was busy soaking up some media spotlight, Attorney General, Jeff Sessions testified before the House Judiciary Committee in regards to the Russia question.  Sessions, displayed what The New York Times called “unsteady recall” (the prequel to Total Recall?) of the events of, and around,  the Mar. 31, 2016 meeting.

What about the Clinton-Russia Investigation?

After last year’s election, many people have been chanting “Lock Her Up!” The concept called for most by Republicans in Congress, and those that voted for Trump, earlier agreed upon by the AG, was recalled Monday, as a tumultuous action, not to be taken lightly. Sessions backed this lackluster levying of the law Tuesday, as well.


While we’re still not sure if the Trump Administration is tight like a Wedgie with Russia, we do think Washington, and the White House especially, is getting really messy with all of this Russian around. Critics still agree, D.C. can learn a thing or two from Hillary Clinton and the 2010 Obama Administration: though they were always Russian, they were never in a hurry.

— Caught in TheBreez ——————————————————————

In case you missed yesterday’s newsletter, TheBreez is reiterating some points, today only…
“Amazon Prime heads to Middle Earth”

That was the Twitter announcement made by CEO, Jeff Bezos, on Monday regarding the company’s sweet deal on an upcoming television series. Both the release date and the cast have yet to be released., however we do know that the multi-season show was purchased for $250 million, exactly 1,000 times what author J.R.R. Tolkien had originally got for the celebrated title. We also know that the series will follow original storylines preceding, “The Fellowship of the Ring.”

Shaking Things Up….

Last Sunday, Iran and Iraq experienced a 7.3-magnitude earthquake which left over 400 deceased in the region. It was the deadliest this year. Iran, second only to Russia, holds the world’s largest shale deposits. Shale is extracted using hydraulic fracturing, or fracking, and fracking causes earthquakes, studies show, such as the one that happened in Oklahoma this time last year, or the one that happened earlier this year in Pennsylvania.

And in local news….

The U.S. Labor Department initiative, Jobs Waiting has expanded to train hundreds in the Hudson Valley (Orange, Dutchess, Putnam, Rockland, Sullivan, Ulster and Westchester counties). SUNY Orange is one of the administering colleges through a partnership which includes the Orange County Workforce Development Board. 400 residents, especially those facing long-term employment barriers due to lack of education will be trained for in-demand jobs in the advanced manufacturing, biotechnology, and information technology industries.

Trumped Up Health…

You now have high blood pressure. The pills you take can track you sooner than you had hoped. Everyone’s learning what Kratom is. And now most of us are too busy learning about all these new (and frankly ridiculous) developments to even remember the name of Trump’s choice for Health and Human Services Secretary! Here’s a simple hint: Alex Azar.

Also in local news….

A 46 year old Port Jervis man was sentenced to 16 years in prison, Monday. Robert Burbridge faced five indictments including four counts of third-degree criminal sale of a controlled substance, two of which for cocaine, as well as, a second-degree criminal possession of a weapon charge, both felonies. The latter, was for a .380-caliber semiautomatic pistol found at his Coleman Street home on April 1, 2016.

Fun Fact! — SADFISH

The science is in, you can tell how animals feel! Unless of course you’re a sociopath and lack empathy. If you are, that’s okay too, because perhaps you, like many others, are interested in becoming more familiar with emotional expressions  in humans and animals.

The title isn’t referencing your depressed pet, but the seven emotions that can be recognized on the human face cross-culturally — Surprise, Anger, Disgust, Fear, Interest, Sadness, and Happiness! One of the leading nonverbal communication researchers, Paul Ekman, his daughter, Eve, and the Dalai Lama, got together to actually help people not only recognize these feelings, but their triggers and subsequent actions: The Atlas of Emotions!

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