Month: November 2017

TheBreez: Holiday Hiatus

Short Holiday Break Schedule, Thanksgiving Week and Christmas Week. P.S. We’re free! Please donate! Celebrate the Season of Giving!

TheBreez #5

☀ Enjoy a Baker’s Dozen this Fri-yay! t’s also Homemade Bread Day!  ☀ Quote of the Day “This disastrous spill from the first Keystone Pipeline makes clear why Keystone XL should never be built.” — Jared Margolis, senior attorney with the Center for Biological Diversity in response to a leak


TheBreez 🌦 Thors-day Snors-day. ☀ Who’s Ready to See Justice League tomorrow? Quote of the Day “Attention passengers” — MTA announced last Friday that it will now be using gender-neutral terms, rather than “ladies and gentlemen.” Commuters can also be pleased to read that fares and tolls won’t be raised

The Breez #3

TheBreez 🌤 Happy Windsday! 🌤 Quote of the Day “The hardworking Mexican.” — An original White Card from Cards Against Humanity. “The party game for horrible people” is buying a piece of the US Border as part of this year’s Holiday Promotion. — Don’t Be Russian Passed This One ————————

TheBreez #1: Monday Fun-day

TheBreez 😃 First Issue! Yay! 😁 🌦 Monday Fun-day 🌥 Quote of the Day “I don’t care who did what, let’s get to the bottom of this…” 😠— Chuck Rocha on the Russia-Election investigations. Talk about blowing a weathervane! — “O – H – A[?] – O” ———-———————————————— The Story

November 07, 2017 at 12:52AM

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Election 2017: Letter from the Editor’s Desk

ue to a crunch on time, this reporter’s personal life crises, and the topical nature of the usual fourth question, a questionnaire for the Second Ward’s candidates could not be completed. However, I hope citizens, in order to inform their own opinions, take a page from my book, and ask

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