Rant: Social Welfare Programs & a Universal Income

Disclaimer: I neither condemn nor condone the use of drugs and marijuana. However advocate for the legalization, regulation, and medicalization of such substances.

It really grinds my gears, that our education system in New York State no longer educates most on money management and fiscally responsible financing, as well as how not only to attain employment but climb and cteate a career. I see far too many men and women receiving social services such as SNAP (food stamps), receiving Obamacare but not seeing doctors, and all able to now afford weed, and crack cocaine. It really ticks me off, since I know a portion of the money they spend comes from my paycheck, but that said, we need to start talking about universal incomes.

I’ve been working, back in my hometown that dreams of being a big city one day, having not found my way at school. There’s very little work, and fewer people that want to do it, meaning more labor is shifting around, and work is often retail. Now I recommend a couple of years of compulsory service — as I jokingly call customer service— but it isn’t enough to excel upon, and it usually is more difficult to make it a career.

None of that is the point. The point is, as a representative, clerk, cashier, order taker or whatever, people tend to divulge more information than is necessary. From cats and grandchildren, to gross things and gossip. #NoFilter

Someone asked me earlier today, if I would support drug tests for recipients of assistance program funds, and I of course support keeping a neighbor safe and healthy, especially when I pay for that anyway. They asked me if I supported the idea of a basic universal income. That was a resounding yes, and I went farther, but that’s for another opinion piece.

To be clear, universal income would fill in for social programs, and do the same for every citizen. This is not a two way street. Only those registered for assistance or similar future programs should be drug tested, and even still in the case of a Universal Income, drug use may not disqualify anyone in my conceptualization.

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