Is the medium the message?

July 2017, and another sheet of ice the size of a great metropolis  collapses into the ocean, and the greatest human artifact that we’ll leave to be found after inevitable cataclysmic environmental change is the computer image, media, and communication and media technologies. Neither George Orwell nor Planet of the Apes author Pierre Boulle, could have seen coming the one thing that could seal the fate of humanity truly, the one thing that Marshall McLuhan is credited to have foresaw. The Internet if surviving our end, will hold the history of how it changed the world forever and what that world once was before it took effect on the information technologies of seniority.

“If we assume that news and truth are two words for the same thing we shall, I believe, arrive nowhere.” – Walter Lippman, 1922

It’s new to me, so it’s news to me! Today however, is the news that we don’t share just as true, or maybe even, more truthful than that we share? We hear the gossip, the rumor, the conspiracy theory, every day, but what are we doing to improve our abilities to read through it and attain its own truth?

If you agree, like, share, and give a comment! How often do we see that at the end of a YouTube video or blog article. Do we try to fit in as much truth as possible? Or are we focusing on a truth, the truth, or a question in which we’re looking for truth?
Is the medium the message anymore?

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