New Year, 2017: Health and Fitness Goals

UPDATED , 01/28/2017, Happy Chinese Lunar New Year celebration!

Health and Fitness goals have been a big deal around the New Year , for as long as one can remember in the United States. In the Occidental US, the Gregorian calendar is employed for the job of marking the years. This is not so for calendars such as the Chinese or Tibetan. 

By the aforementioned systems, Happy New Hear! Are we off to a good start with our resolutions? Great! Now we have the chance to start it all fresh, with a new calendar, a lunar new year: the Fire Rooster by the Chinese. 

I’m making a new resolution. I noticed that I’m already doing it. It’s actually two new resolutions. 

The first, is writing more. I’ve got a great story building in my mind and that with blogging, I’m off to a great start. So I’ll keep it up and aim for progress, not perfection, progress. 

The second is drinking more water! It helps super duper much! I’m also doing that quite well, so I’m hoping the small amount of body and health consciousness helps improve habits for me across the board. 

We’ll see more progress in my diet, meditation, and exercise, as the year rolls on. Which year that is, is up to us. Hope that it helps resolve your resolutions and goals to know that you can always start again. 

Update: Stubborn as a Rooster  but as passionate as fire. My goals are locked in,but progress may take longer than a few weeks or a month. Going with the flow in this respect will help ensure lasting change. 

Featured Image by Yacine OULD ROUIS, via Flickr. 

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