Day 22: Morning Routines in 2017 Resolutions

The goals for 2017 are going well. As expected, and reasonably so, I’ve given them all room to settle. I’d rather see lasting results, than immediate ones. That’s true for me in health and fitness as well as in writing, studying, and recreation. 

The focus for this 22nd day is to discuss an infographic that made me say “huh.” It was a ‘huh…’ and not a ‘huh?’ Here’s the original infographic, and both the gist and my take away:

  1. Wake up and Eat Breakfast!
  2. Meditate
  3. Move Your Body
  4. Daily Goals
  5. Visualize the Day

These five steps seem easy enough. Most often however, I find myself not eating until closer to noon or even later! I’ve also already created a habit of goal setting and visualizing my next day before bed, but we’re going to question those practices of mine here and now, reflecting on this tried and true morning flow. 

A nice slow start to the day. Starting with breakfast and taking time to digest with meditation makes sense, and it’s tough to do these days because we’re all busy busy busy, but we’re going to try to make our goals work for us and not the other way around. I’m most likely not going to pick up this routine too readily, due to knowing how much less likely I am to do it after breakfast. 

Meditation is hugely important. When I’m not meditating, I’m practicing jumping gracefully thought to thought to thought as internal and external stimuli make my mind a hectic place to be throughout the day. Taking a sit, and maybe even digesting some breakfast could be mutually beneficial. 

The Leadership Goal for meditation is to be present for an hour; take what could easily be nap time and turn it into mental peacetime. After such a long sit a good stretch is in order. My goal here is to move from meditation, to yoga, to dance – gracefully of course. 

Following such activity my brain will need to reiterate and find something to do. This is my favorite part: the flowing brain-juices. This is when the daily goal making begins, followed by a visualization of the day ahead. 

That’s my update for us! Now to meet my other goal, which I have yet to tell you about, and pursue vigilantly the work that needs to be done. The work that will be published before September!


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