Tidal Transition

The political revolution is on. Many people, especially those that fell in love with Bernie Sanders and Jill Stein, are not alone. Believe it or not, Donald Trump was more of a protest vote than voting for Evan McMullin, and here’s why, bigly:

Early on, the challenge was real. Working-class Americans, riding the poverty line and relocating time and time again to stay afloat made the choice clear. They weren’t having any of the Democrats -with the except of Bernie- because they were only going to add to the budget and stack on the taxes.

The GOP, Republicans, and Libertarians (i.e. Gov. Gary Johnson), are known well for not only stripping the budget down bare, including social services and Planned Parenthood unfortunately, but are most well known for lowering taxes across the board. For example, I don’t live in a Democrats’ big city, I no longer live in a college town that can successfully run Greens, but I live in my small hometown in New York, with an economy that is finally looking to come back from the hit it took in the 80s. The biggest reason for that, is the Republicans that continually run on a platform of lowering property taxes, in a town with declining property values due to absentee landlords and subsidy programs that are abused.

Locally, neoliberal leaning policies such as NAFTA have taken a huge hit out on communities the size of mine, in areas similar to mine, where there’s space to work with, but good-paying jobs are at least a half hour away, and it’s unlikely that more will bloom here. Moderate Democrats, perhaps those that could be called Berniecrats, are who we need to uplift at the Federal level now, and at the state level, with Greens and other third parties, as we transition into a Trump presidency propelled by the tossing-out of lobby interests and tax-raisers from Wall Street- looking at you Chuck Schumer. This change isn’t really anything new, but with the growth of social media and citizen journalism, a compelling push towards a direct democratic system is evident.

Now if only we can make this actually about  economics, and not about hate… Trust me, we’re working on it, Dems, Reps, Greens, and everyone that hates politics, we all care about each other. We really need to talk, because quite frankly, it always comes down to sociolinguistics, but we’ll talk about everything else and economics and democracy before that. At least I think so.

Hate me, for rationalizing Trump / how we got Trump? Let’s talk about it.
Hate me for being an openly transgender woman? Let’s talk about it.
Hate me for being a journalist, philosopher, poet, activist, artist? Fuck you, let’s talk about it. 😉


  1. pauladkin says:

    I’m sorry, but I don’t see any Big Because explanation of your Bigly Why. In fact, nothing Big at all in your article. As for tossing out lobby interests, the White House has been looking like a fashion parade of Trump’s white supremacist mates and evangelical, anti-rationalist cohorts, rather than a healthy clean-up, or, has he called it, draining of the swamp. The Big problem with Trump is that he and his National Socialist opinions have been put in charge of the very Big Thing that is the USA, and that makes people like me, who live outside the ship but in the shadow of that huge juggernaut that is the USA, quite worried as well. So, any pretention to explain it with a Bigly Why, should come up with a much more Bigly Because, please.


    • Brienna Parsons says:

      The Bigly was a mocking tone of Trump. I have articles related to economics forthcoming. There’s currently a case that captures my attention as a transgender woman being heard by the Supreme Court, and once Trump appoints a Judge, I’ll have more to say on social issues.

      I would say more about foreign policy hut I live in the US. I would say more about the hate crimes springing up, but the thousands of Trump supporters I’ve met and know are not hateful or bigoted people to a violent extent. If there’s any elaboration or topics in this vein that you’d like me to cover for discussion, please let me know as clearly as you can.

      Thank you for your comments and addition to the conversation as a whole.

      Best regards,
      Brienna Parsons


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