Month: November 2016

Election Year Quote

“Lies written in ink cannot disguise facts written in blood.” ― Lu Xun

Special Council Meeting, November 22nd, Tuesday, pre-Thanksgiving

Ambulance and Water; the topics that will be touched upon Tuesday. Please make it to the Special Common Council Meeting Monday in the Council Chambers of the Municipal Building of Port Jervis, 20 Hammond Street, at 6pm. Bring your concerns and questions!

Trans Community, Allies Press Back Against Police

CALL-TO-ACTION! Join the team in support of Black Trans Women, vis-a-vis, Lourdes Ashley Hunter, after 16 MPD officers illegally entered her home and detained her!

Tidal Transition

The political revolution is on. Many people, especially those that fell in love with Bernie Sanders and Jill Stein, are not alone. Believe it or not, Donald Trump was more of a protest vote than voting for Evan McMullin, and here’s why, bigly: Early on, the challenge was real. Working-class

16 Officers Unlawfully Detain Black Trans Woman

PLEASE CALL! Late Wednesday night, 16 police officers illegally entered the home of black trans woman activist and organizer, Lourdes Ashley Hunter. The arrest comes the night prior to a Trans Community Briefing invitation to the White House that included her.

Revenge of the Pith: Back to Blogging this Day of Action

Hey folks! I’m back in black! Why you ask? Have you been keeping up with politics?

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