Month: February 2016

Join Me on Bloglovin' Friends!

You can find me, Brienna, on Bloglovin’ now! Bloglovin’ is this awesome space to help you not only get your blog out to the world but also give you a pool to swim in to help work it out. I like it so far, and now that I’m (finally) adding my blog to the scores of others out there on the site, you’ll see me really getting to work on making it the best it can be. ^_^

Mathangi in Action; aka M.I.A

Matangi mudra to Valentine’s Day for sure, but in addition to watching The Walking Dead tonight, and thinking about it’s social criticisms, I’ll be listening to my crush. Read more here about M.I.A.’s Music and maybe listen to something new along the way. XXXO

Repost: How I Feel About the Super Bowl

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